Monday, October 22, 2012

22-10-2012, Arakan,Min Bya, 10:30 AM,

22-10-2012, Arakan,Min Bya, 10:30 AM, The whole Rohingya Muslim Village Tract, Thayet Aouk (Tharek Aouk) of Min Bya Township with over 450-households has been burn down. There about 20 Rohingyas were killed. The villages have been burnt down by the thousands of Rakhine terrorists since the early morning. No protection from the securities.

Buddhists Rakhines have started set fire from the Zaillya Para (Paik Seik Ywa) since 11:00 PM of last night. About 25 houses were burnt down and 5 Rohingyas were killed. Total about 5000 Rohingyas have become homeless for the above atrocities in Zaillya Para and Thayet Aouk.

Mrauk-U, 11:50 AM, Muslim villages, Baldi Para (Purin Ywa) and Paung Tauk are under set fire by Buddhist Rakhines, at present. There may have death and injure persons.

Addition to, Rakhines warned that all Rohingya villages of Min Bya and Mrauk-U will be burned down in this evening. Rohingyas are helpless and friendless, today. So, Rakhine extremists dare to terrorize continuously. Neither Myanmar Central Government nor International Communities interest to protect world’s most persecuted minority, Rohingya due to assist President Thein Sein’s reforms.

Rohingya Activist 

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